Assigning the best possible name

Dec 18, 2017

Everyone has heard the old joke that there are two hard things in programming. Cache Invalidation Naming things Off by one errorsThis doesn’t have to be the case though. I currently am employed at a magazinecompany and was tasked with re-doing ...

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Tags: general programming naming variables

Autodeploying a git repo with cron monitoring

May 17, 2017

As I was building my slackbot, I wasalways running it locally. The problem was that I had two computers where I couldbe deving on it, and occasionally I would have two instances running.This was a pain as it would make two post in the slack room w...

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Tags: jekyll github deploy

Quizly - A javascript quiz library made with typescript

Apr 19, 2017

As I was building I decided thatat the end of each section, a simple interactive quiz would help people seeif they understood the lesson. Naturally, I set out to find a library for it becausewhy would I make my own? After some goo...

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Tags: typescript javascript

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